Comments from the Judges from the
The Great Dane Club of San Diego and the Great Dane Club of California
Specialties, June 2009

“The Great Dane Club of San Diego and the Great Dane Club of California teamed up June 4th through 7th for the second year in a row to offer four specialties in four days.  Sweepstakes were offered on Friday & Saturday and Junior Showmanship on Thursday and Saturday. These shows are held in a lovely park next to a lake with plenty of grass and shade trees for the exhibitors. Southern California is noted for taking good care of their judges with comfortable accommodations and transportation, good ring stewards - even a wonderful gift basket for snacking at night after the restaurant closes.”  Katie Edwards  (see below for more comments from Mrs. Edwards)

Great Dane Club of California
Thursday, June 4, 2009
Judge: Robert Edison

I think that your (Ms. Edwards) commentary says it all. I would certainly underscore the beautiful show site, wonderful hospitality for both exhibitors and judges, and the depth of quality in the entry.
Sincerely Bob Edison

Great Dane Club of San Diego
Friday, June 5th
Sweepstakes Judge: Ms. Jo Kurtz

My sincere thanks to the Great Dane Club of San Diego for their kind invitation to judge sweepstakes on June 5, 2009. This was my fourth sweeps assignment.
After dealing with a deluge of liquid sunshine at the beginning of judging, things went smoothly. Generally, expression was good and temperament was excellent. I chose for my best in sweepstakes, a typey fawn bitch from the 12-15 month bitch class, Dar-Lin's Tip of the Shadow. After judging, I was told that she had finished her championship the weekend before. Congratulations!

 Best of opposite sex was the harl puppy dog from the 9-12 month class, Sasdania Vitag's Deal-No-Deal Alto Gavea, who had risen to the top of his large class with his side movement. I saw some close rears and soft toplines but on the whole it was a nice bunch of puppies that for the most part exhibited true Dane type.

Thank you to all the handlers for their cooperation.
A huge thank you to my ring steward, Penny Twaits.
Thank you again for the opportunity to spend the weekend among GREAT dogs.
Jo Kurtz
Hof Kurz Great Danes

GDC of California
Saturday June 6, 2009
Judge Don Carmody

I was very pleased and honored to be asked to judge at one of the great specialties in our country, The Great Dane Club of California, and I want to say "Thank You".
It was an outstnding entry with quality animals. It is a pleasure to judge at a show where you can have several choices in selecting your Winners Dog and Winners Bitch, and the again in the Specials class to have so many excellent Great Danes to choose from. I was most pleased with all of the Winners and very pleased in not only awarding the Best of Breed and Best of Opposite, but also the Awards of Merit.
The hospitality shown by the club before, during and after the show was outstanding, and the exhibitors and on-lookers made for a memorable experience.

 It was great to see all of the Danes, but also very enjoyable for both Mary Lou and I to get to see so many friends and acquaintances.
Don Carmody

Great Dane Club of San Diego
Sunday, June 7th
I understand several Danes finished at these Specialties. Not surprising - I feel quality ran deep, especially in bitches, and there were several promising pups that will get their share with time and maturity. The more than 20 Danes competing for Best of Breed left me wishing for at least one more Award of Merit. There were a half dozen Danes in the Breed ring that could win a competitive Specialty and, if they didn't this weekend, it was by a small margin.  Congratulations to both of these clubs for a great collaborative effort and I and all the judges thank you for allowing us the privilege to be a part of it. 
Katie Edwards, 
Laurado Great Danes, reg.

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Show Results

Great Dane Club Of California
Judge Bob Edison
Show Results
Thursday June 4, 2009
Regular Classes

Best of Breed: Ch. Elan's Command Decision Reimroc
Best Opposite Sex: Ch. Shalako Conspiracy of Rondomar
Winner’s Dog (from the 9-12 class) and Best Puppy in Specialty: Shoreline's East -West Play It Again Sam
RWD (from the 9-12 class): Sasdania Vitag's Deal-No-Deal Alto Gavea
Winner’s Bitch, Best of Winners(from the Open Black Class): Dana Tlbrk Imrosabarks Yernot..finished!
Reserve Winners Bitch (black bitch from the BBE class): C & L's Queene Lily O' the Valley

Awards of Merit
Ch. Surfside Lera Shell Seeker
Ch. Dayanakin's No It All V Paradise
Ch. Dana Tlbrk Darkside of Fireside

Best Jr. Handler, Open, Senior Jordan Harshfield


Great Dane Club of San Diego
Friday, June 5th
Sweepstakes Judge: Ms. Jo Kurtz
Regular & Non-Regular Classes: Mr. Raymond Goldstone

Best of Breed: Ch. Elan's Command Decision V Reimroc
Best of Opposite Sex: Dar-lins Tip of the Shadow
Winners Dog & Best of Winner's: Saybrooks Topper Harley
Winner's Bitch: Chanoz Rahni Jaeger (Open Harl)

 Awards of Merit:
Ch. Babbo Do Alto Gavea
Best Puppy in Regular Classes: Shalako Annie's Grand Finale V Pacific Tue-J'
Best Puppy in Sweepstakes: Dar-lins Tip of the Shadow

Great Dane Club Of California
Saturday June 6th
Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area, Irwindale, CA
Conformation Classes, Judge - Mr. Donald Carmody

 Breed Winners
Best of BreedCH Elan's Command Decision Reimroc - J Gerszewski, J Gerszewski, N Yokota, R Cormier, S Cormier
Best of Opposite Sex: CH Surfside Lera Shell Seeker - M Lee, K Lindsay, B Dermody
Best of Winners Pask-Schills Peaches Latour V Mcadane - K McAleese
Best of WinnersSaybrooks Topper Harley - M Rodriguez
 Winner's Dog::Skalako N Tue J's Vegas Jackpot At Solara - S Anderson, M Lynn, D Davisson
Winner's Bitch: Pask-Schills Peaches Latour V Mcadane - K McAleese
RWB PBJS Stolen Asset V Brag - B Boitnott, M Mitchell, M Mitchell, B Evans

Awards of Merit
Babbo Do Alto Gavea - W Salles, L Boa, M Boa
CH Sunstrike Romeo - K Noe, D Noe
CH Shalako Conspiracy Of Rondomar - D Marks

Great Dane Club of San Diego
Sunday, June 7th
Regular & Non-Regular Classes: Mrs. Katie Edwards

Best of Breed: Ch. Surfside Lera Shell Seeker
Best of Opposite Sex: Ch. Surfside Lera Wave Ryder
Winner's Bitch & Best of Winners: Icon-Hudson Olivias Dream Girl (Open Fawn to Finish)
Winner's Dog: Michaeldane JB Luther Vandross (Open Black to Finish)

Awards of Merit: 
Ch. Babbo Do Alto Gavea
Ch. Shalako Conspiracy of Rondomar

Best Puppy in Regular Classes: Shoreline East-West Play It Again Sam