GMJ Harlequins/Mantles
Breeder Judge
Mrs. Gina M. Jaeblon



Please tell us how you got started in Danes?
We were invited to dinner at a fellow colleague's home. They had a black Great Dane and I was much more interested in her than in the food ! I was in love and wanted one. We already had a German Shepherd; Frank was in school, so he put an immediate KABASH on that idea, and all my whining. Within two weeks I brought one home....a blue from the newspaper of all places. I couldn’t wait .

Who was your mentor?
 Eva Robinson

What was the name of your 1st Champion? CH GMJ's the President Elect....''Butch''

Did you finish him yourself or have a professional handler?
Definitely a professional handler...Rich Troiano. The first time I attempted to take one of my danes in the ring, my panty hose fell down.

As a breeder have you bred a particular dog or bitch you thought was special over others?
Sure, I think we all have :  "Poker" , my best friend, is my ultimate goal reached ; my culmination of 40 yrs of very hard work...and a bitch named CH GMJ's the Wealthy Ms. Kittridge

Were there any particular dogs that you admired or thought represented what you wanted to breed or own? I was enamored by CH Riverwoods Regal Siegfried. I really was in awe of him. CH Fraser of Michaeldane N' Co....Then I have to say I was in love with a big sweet fawn dog ( with outstanding conformation) named CH Wyntrebrooks Sundancer. I would have bred to him in a heartbeat and that is saying alot.

What do you consider your greatest success to date?
The ability to FINALLY recognize consistency in my dogs/puppies traits and style year after year That took the most considerable amount of research & work with pedigrees & linebreeding.
Your greatest challenge?  '
“Trying" to educate narrow minded judges who have a mental block towards color

What do you think we need to improve on in our breed?
Temperament ! Along with several other faults propagated by breeding to the ''dog of the day'' for ''parts" instead of balance & soundness & instead of studying pedigrees for consistencies in a line.

What about mix color breeding?
When it comes to a very experienced, knowledgeable breeder....A dane is a dane is a dane .....

What advice would you give to someone just starting in Danes?
Find a mentor that has been successful producing very good dogs for years & then LISTEN & be patient ; without developing an attitude of expertise after 3 WEEKS !! That will be your downfall. We all paid our dues.

How long have you been judging and what breeds are you licensed to judge? 
20 yrs ; only danes. I show too much to do another breed.

Was there ever an embarrassing moment in the ring?

...well...after my pantihose started falling, my hot dog bait flew out of my pockets leaving a trail all the way around the mat . And I should have worn DEPENDS. I'd rather have root canal than show one of my own dogs.

Have you seen a trend (good or bad) in the Dane ring? Dane temperament downhill ! More danes now are excused for going after a judge, a handler, other dogs. Spooking, freaking, cannot be touched; even freaking outside the ring for any noise whatsoever; growling to get their way. Like a child, too many are spoiled & undisciplined ; having their way at every turn . Soon to discover, they are the ''boss''. Owners CAN create a monster I'm afraid.

How do you feel about being approached after judging to discuss your placements? It depends. I'll answer any questions except: ''What didn’t you like about my dog"? My standard answer is: " It wasn’t that I didn’t like YOUR dog...I simply liked the other better"

What is your biggest Pet Peeve when judging?

A handler that tries to intimidate me...

What other hobbies do you enjoy?
My hubby.....

Thank you Mrs Jaeblon for taking the time for us.