A very special thanks to Heather Weed for sharing her experience
with us on this very exciting Specialty win at the GDC of Kentuckiana specialty this summer

A Special Day For Heather and Nadya.

A few weeks ago family friend Jackie Lawrence called me and asked if I would like to show her Bitch CH. Shady Creek N Moon Rivers I No U NV Me at the Lexington specialties; since she was showing her Male Special CH. Mavros Cast a Spell on Derby N Shady Creek. I had never shown a Dane Special before; everything I had shown were class animals, so I jumped at the chance and said, “of course”. Two weeks passed and it was time for the show. Saturday came so slow, Nayda BISS Aug 09but it was finally here. Jackie and I was standing ring side, I was so nervous, but excited at the same time. I did not think I would do anything since there were some very nice Danes there and 4 of them (were) in the top 20; including the #1 Great Dane. Talk about intimidating.  The breed class was finally called into the ring. The judge did dogs first and excused the bitches so I had time to relax with Nadya. She called us back in and examined all the bitches and then made her cut, I was the first bitch pulled and that made my day right there. Then she called the males back in to decided who would get what. She gave the specialty to the Winners Dog a beautiful Harlequin boy and then gave Opposite to the Winners Bitch a Mantle girl, also very pretty. Then the steward said there were two AOM’s so I got back in line set her up not thinking I would do anything, and then she gave me the first AOM, and the other one to the #1 great dane. I was so excited I could not believe I won anything. Well, that was it I did not need to win anything else, I was on a high from such excitement my weekend was made. The next day came and I was less nervous, I was ready to do my thing with some more confidence. This day I  CH. Shady Creek N Moon Rivers I No U NV Mewas really hoping for another AOM.  I never dreamed I could win a BISS. The Specials were called in and this time the Judge did not separate us. I did my examination, down and back, and as I went around the ring I slipped and almost fell in the mud. Keeping my confidence I kept going without a hitch and represented Nayda the best way I could. I thought I lost it; not sure how she looked but I continued to hold hope for that AOM. The last dog finished its examination and I quickly ran in line to set her up. She was behaving so well, I was so excited. The judge was looking at all of us then he pulled my bitch out and had me set her up on the other side of the ring; I thought he was making a short list and then he did not cut anyone else, so I set up as fast as I could, then he pointed at me and said you will be my breed. I was shocked. I was like are you sure you mean me? I wanted die, I did not think I had a chance at all for the BISS but I was so excited. People keep coming up to me and were congratulating and keep commenting, “it’s nice to see some young people winning” and then I realized I am only 19, I have not heard of very many people winning a specialty that young, so It was nice to be one of the younger ones. This was the best show I had ever been to. I don’t think I even drove home, I floated. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Arrowsmith for recognizing this amazing bitch and justly awarding her. The most exciting thing was just before this show I told myself I had to win something important by the next 3 shows I had entered or I was just going to let this be a hobby; I was debating if I wanted to be a handler, and this made the choice easy. The win was like ecstasy and I want that feeling again, so now I have decided that handling will be my career. So all you Juniors out there don’t let anyone tell you, that you are too young or inexperienced to special or show your own dog. You just need to believe in yourself. 
See you at Nationals, and yes I will be showing that amazing bitch in Breed. Wish me luck

Heather Weed