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Kathy Frederick 
Kativa Great Danes

    How did you get started in Great Danes? Were they your original breed?

    Growing up in Indianapolis, Indiana with different animals as pets through the years (Jack Russell, Cocker Spaniel, Spitz, Siamese Cats, English Pointer, and Horses along with an Easter duck and chick) coupled with a love and gift toward art, has led me toward a natural love for Great Danes. I have owned Great Danes since 1975. My very first Great Dane was a lost Merle, and she instilled my love for the Breed.  I purchased my first show quality Dane (a fawn male) and joined the Hoosier Great Dane Club in 1981 with my husband, Mike. My kennel name “Kativa” comes from slang that my Italian Grandpa teasingly called me meaning naughty, mischievous, rascal – bad girl.

    How many dogs do you have?

    I have “Gordon” Kativa’s Brickyard and his littermate “Lanie” Kativa’s Victory Lane that I’m currently showing; my 12 yr. old Katie; and three that just turned 7 yrs old. I also co-own “Kodak” Kativa’s Photo Finish, with Lee & Shirley Spall. He competes in both agility and conformation.  I also co-own Skiff, Ch Barronage Why Knot with Mark Capes, and Frankee, Kativa's Chairman of the Board with Rose & Denise Madej. We have been blessed with good health and longevity and although most of my Danes are seniors, they are all still very active and an important part of my family.

    What was the name of your first champion?

    BISS Ch Quaker Hill Chantel V Sorita, GDCA Honor Roll, CGC. 

    Chantel was also my foundation bitch. She finished quickly with 4 majors in 3 months, before she was 2 years old. Later I bred Chantel to Ch Maitau’s Top Billing, ROM, CGC and that produced 4 AKC champions from a litter of 7. One of the puppies from that first litter is my beloved “Katie” Ch Kativa’s Top Kat, CGC who is now 12 years old. The others were “Alex” Ch Kativa’s Top Expectations, “Sadie” Ch Kativa’s Sadie Hawkwinds, and “Indy” Ch Kativa’s Infrared of Maitau, CGC.

    BISS Ch. Chantel

    Chantel, BISS Ch Quaker Hill Chantel V Sorita, GDCA Honor Roll, CGC

    What color and type of dogs do you breed?

    Fawn & brindle Great Danes. My Danes are extremely smart and very stable with a great sense of humor. When we got a new refrigerator with ice dispenser in the door they quickly learned to help themselves, much to my dismay! LOL

    Do you health test all of your dogs?

    The ones I plan to breed. I prelim x-ray the hips when I start showing them even though they are not 2 yrs old yet. I also like to take advantage of the cardiac ultrasound and other health screenings given at the GDCA National. In the past I didn’t send the results in to a registry because I only bred for myself and gave the puppy buyers a copy of everything. Realizing that someday I’ll be gone, and what will happen to my paper work and records, I now think it is important to send the results in for future generations to be able to see and use

    Who were your mentors?

    Evelyn Niedenthal, Four Leaf Danes and member of the Hoosier Great Dane Club, was an instructor at conformation training classes and mentored me with my first show Dane. Evelyn is now in her 80’s and still a great source of encouragement. And there are other numerous people who have been helpful and influential as I continue to learn in this breed. 

    Alex, Ch Kativa's Top Expectations, CGC (Finished quickly with two 5 point majors in one weekend, one 4 point major, and a single)

     At what age do you evaluate a litter?

    8 weeks. I’ve attended Pat Hastings Puppy Puzzle Seminars and have found it very helpful. An eye for art and horses has also helped.

    Are you still exhibiting?

    I have trained and shown Black, Blue and Harlequin Danes for friends and clients, but I am now showing only my own dogs, and most of the time show in the Bred By Exhibitor Class.

    What advice would you give to someone just getting started?

    Buy the best bitch possible to start your foundation; have a mentor;  strive for temperament, health, and longevity as well as conformation. Learn to listen: You can learn something from everyone you talk to.

    Have fun at dog shows. And don’t neglect your family life… it is important, also. 

    Cher, Kativa's Life After Love (2006 GDCA National, 4th place Vet.Bitch 6-8 yrs)


    What was your greatest success to date?

    The biggest thrill was winning a 4 point major WB & BOW at the Wolverine Specialty Show with my 6+ yr old Katie. It was the first show since my legs had healed and I was practicing for the Veteran Class for the upcoming
    National. What a thrill. Thank you to Judge Dale Tarbox, for encouraging me to finish Katie before the National. Seven more points from Bred By in just a matter of weeks, and “Katie” Ch Kativa’s Top Kat went to the parade of Champions and her song was “What A Feeling”…(take your best shot, make it happen, and you can dance all though your life.) A couple of days later at 7 yrs old she won 1st place in the 2002 GDCA Veteran Bitch 6-8 yrs class. In 2004 she won 1st place in the GDCA Veteran Bitch 8+ class. And last year at 11+ yrs she was the oldest Dane in the Parade and also in competitive veteran bitches. I am very proud of my sweet old girl. Now at 12 years old she still has a twinkle in her eye and spring in her step. And she can spot a pizza box from 100 feet! LOL

    Katie 11+ yrs GDCA Oct.2006 

    Katie, Ch Kativa's Top Kat, CGC (now 12 yrs old. pictured last year at the GDCA National)

    On a personal note: I have been married for over 30 years and my greatest success is raising two wonderful sons. One is married, has two children and is finishing college. The other is starting his second year in medical school.

    What is your greatest challenge to date?

    Showing in Bred By Exhibitor is both exciting and an honor. 

    Just making it around the ring in one piece is a big challenge after breaking both my legs and having a year of physical therapy just to be able to walk again. LOL I was socializing and training a singleton puppy for a friend and took her with me various places during a day. I was holding the puppy in my arms as I stepped down off my parents’ front porch, and twisted my ankle. I felt my ankle snap and not wanting the puppy to fall, I tried to catch myself with the other leg. It broke and I stepped back onto the broken ankle, breaking it in five places, but slowly falling onto the lawn on my back, laying the puppy down onto my chest to protect her. My parents looked out the window to see me there on the grass with the puppy licking my face trying to play with me. I looked up at them and said, “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” They started laughing, and I burst into tears. Then they came running out to help. We all laugh about it now.

    Would you like to become a judge? What breeds would you like to judge? 

    I am currently working toward my AKC Judges License for Great Danes and Junior Showmanship, and have attended the GDCA Judges Seminar, and also the ACEF Judges Seminar for the Working Group. I will be attending the ACEF Course in Canine Conformation Judging in August '07.

    I have had the opportunity to judge several all breed matches as well as Great Dane Specialty Sweepstakes. I've also judged 4-H Jr Showmanship, and have been asked to judge an Anatolian Shepherd Sweepstakes, and also a
    Doberman Sweepstakes. Someday I would like to be able to judge the complete Working Group.

    Has anything strange or funny happened to you while you were in the ring?

    One day while exhibiting outside, I was running between the tent tie down and the expansion fencing, when my young dog pushed me into the fencing and my skirt caught, ripped, and knocked all the placement signs off, while I stumbled and continued to run trying not to fall flat on my face. The dog did not miss a beat and we managed to make it to the end of the line some how. I was trying to compose myself when the judge approached me and asked if I was alright, and would I like to do it over again? I looked at her and said not on your life! She laughed and said, no, just take the dog around again.


     Any favorite Danes in the past?

    I saw one of my favorite Danes for the first time, at a GDCA National, and he made a lasting impression on me. (Later I bred Chantel to him.) “Topper” was lying quietly at his owners feet when a dog fight started in the isle just behind him. He lifted his beautiful brindle face up looking to see what was happening, and quickly turned back to lay down in disgust. Ch Maitau’s Top Billing, ROM, CGC had a wonderful temperament and I believe it has continued to be passed on through his get.


    Feel free to add anything else you would like to say

    Over the years I have held many offices in the Hoosier Great Dane Club including President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary; and many more Chair positions including Show Secretary and Show Chairman. I am a member of the Great Dane Club of America. And I currently do reputable breeder referral and buyer education for Indiana for the HGDC. I also teach conformation training classes at the Indianapolis Obedience Training Center.  I honestly say that I adore this breed and enjoy spending time socializing with both the dogs and their owners. One of the best parts of any day is going out to eat with old and new friends after a show!

    GDR would like to thank Kathy Frederick for
    Sharing her thoughts with us.