Meet The Judge            
       Leon Reimert                     

Please tell us how you got started in Danes? Do you have any other breeds?

While still in high school I attended my first dog show and admired the Great Danes. I then decided to purchase my first Dane “Gina”, a fawn female in 1960 from Kalmar Kennels in Georgia. I continued attending dog shows and there met Anna Mary Kauffman. I decided to breed Gina to Anna Mary’s stud dog, Ch. Mountdania’s Yancy which produced my first litter. I don’t own any other breeds.

What colors do you breed or own? Your kennel name?

I bred fawns and brindles for many years but presently breed and own harlequins and mantles under the kennel name Rockbridge Great Danes

Were there any dogs, Past or present that you admired or thought represented what you wanted to breed or own?

There were several dogs that I greatly admired over the years but the Dane I felt represented outstanding breed type and conformation was Ch. Dinro Taboo.

Dinro Taboo
Ch. Dinro Taboo

What was the name of your first champion? Did you owner handle or use professional handlers?

 My first champion was Ch. Khan’s Kim of Mountdania. A brindle bred and handled by Anna Mary Kauffman.

Ch. Khan’s Kim of Mountdania.

When did you start judging?

I was approved to judge Danes in 1981

Have you ever judged any particular dogs (Of the past) that you thought were exceptional? Why?

I feel one of the most exceptional Danes I judged was Ch. Brierdane’s Indian Amber. I gave her RWB at one of the first specialties I judged when she was six months old. Later in her show career I awarded her BOB at a large specialty. Amber possessed exceptional breed type and exhibited great ring presence.  Back To Top



Ch. Brierdane’s Indian Amber

Do you currently exhibit or breed?

The last litter I bred was about four years ago. I selectively breed only when I anticipate keeping a puppy. We presently are showing our young harlequin female Gracie.

What advise would you give owner handlers just getting started in the ring?

Observe the professionals. Attend handling classes and seminars. Gain experience handling at match shows. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be open to criticism and advice.

What do you think needs the most improvement in our breed?

The area most in need of improvement is the fronts. I would like to see better top lines and movement with more reach and drive.

What are the biggest changes you have seen in Danes over the years? What about mix color breeding? Do you think the blues and blacks are better now since a lot more mix color breeding has occurred?

I feel the overall quality of the breed has deteriorated and many mediocre dogs are being exhibited. There has been a very big improvement over the years in the quality of the blues, blacks and harlequins in which mixed color breeding has been a positive factor. You should have a clear understanding of the pros and cons of mix color breeding and serious thought should be given when one uses mixcolor breeding in an attempt to improve their breeding program.

Any scary or funny moments while judging? 

Nothing scary to report but one amusing moment happened while judging a specialty. An exhibitor walked in the ring and money fell from his pocket onto the floor. I picked it up and handed to him saying “This won’t work with me”. 

Are you OK with bait in your ring? Are you OK with Exhibitors waiting to ask you about your opinion of their dogs and why they were placed the way they were after judging?

 Yes I am certainly ok with bait. However I feel the handler should take the responsibility of picking up any that has fallen to the ground. I have no problem with exhibitors wanting me to critique their dogs after judging.

What about advertising? Do you see a lot of it?

As a judge I receive a lot of dog publications with advertising of show wins ect. I do enjoy the publications. However they do not have any influence on my judging. 


 The question always comes up in breeder circles. Do You want to see the photos of the dogs you put up? OK to send Thank you cards or gifts?

I appreciate when exhibitors send me photos of the dogs I put up and thank you cards. Gifts are unacceptable

Do you have any additional comments?

I do want to add my feelings concerning the lack of real sportsmanship around the Dane ring. Exhibiting dogs is a sport and should be enjoyed as such by you and your dog

Great Dane Review would like to thank Mr. Reimert for answering these questions for us.