How long have you bred Great Danes? What is your Kennel Name? Is that your only breed?

We bought our first show puppy in 1985 but had pets before her. We bred under Roulet Great Danes and only have bred and owned Great Danes.

Who were your Dane Mentors?

Clare Lincon & Louise & Mark VanAlstyne

What do you think your greatest accomplishment has been in Great Danes? Have you had any top winning Great Danes?

Co-breeding the 1995 GDCA Best In Futurity Winner Ch. Roulet's Flying Tiger V Greyhaven. Having danes in the Top 20 for 8 consecutive years 1993 through 2000. Co- owning 2 all Breed best in show winners. Ch. Amelor's Fly So Free and Ch Travis Lincoln.

What advice would you give to someone who is new to the breed (in their first five years).

 Find a good mentor & stay with them. Buy the best you can & only breed & show top quality Danes.

Do you know or have you ever shown your own dogs?

On a rare occasion. Usually we use professional handlers

Our veteran dog that resides with us.
Ch Rojon's Maxwell's Plum V Roulet

How long have you been Judging and what breeds are you licensed to Judge? I have been judging since 1999. I am now approved to judge the entire working group and juniors.

Do you believe advertising "Wins" influences judges, especially at the breed and group level?

I think it helps a lot. Judges become familiar with certain dogs and handlers and look for them in the publications.

Do you think it is ok to show your own dogs while judging? Do you think it causes a conflict of interest?

I think whenever a judge shows people talk. But why would a judge who is still active in their breed not show??

Would you like to see "Reserves" awarded some kinds of lesser points?

No if a dog is good enough it will finish.

What is your greatest pet peeve in evaluating a dog... I.e. - movement, feet, teeth, top line, type, croup.... etc?


What is the first thing that catches your eye when a dog is in the ring?

Type and prescense

What are your feelings about "baiting" in your ring?

I have no issue with it.
Many people say there are a lot of "politics" in the ring. How do you feel about "Professionals" vs. "the Owner Handlers"?

When I am judging I want to see every dog at their best.It does not matter who is handling as long as it is done well and the dog looks good.

Biss Ch Orion- Turbo the Buck stops here is the latest Dane we have finished & owned with
 M. Gaffney & L. Van Alstyne & P. Brown

When you have a Novice in the ring do you find it hard to judge the dog fairly?

No, if the dog looks good and it is the best one there that day it will win in my ring.
How much do you penalize things like "blowing" coat, long toenails ECT..? Would you still give a dog Winners in spite of these types of grooming problems?

All these things are part of conditioning and pride of ownership which do make up part of dog showing. They are important in the final decision however it still is the judges job to find the best one there.
How do you feel about being approached after judging to discuss your placements?

I will discuss the placement or lack of placement with the owner of their dog if they bring it back to me however I never discuss anyone else’s dog with them.
PICTURES..Do you like to receive them? Are you disappointed if you don't receive them? Is it OK to send a "thank you" card for wins? Should you always send one? I think a lot of people aren't sure what is proper?

For me I love a photo of a beautiful dog I have awarded. If the photo is good great send it, if not do not send a judge a bad photo. It is OK to say thank you with the photo.
Would you like to be able to give a written evaluation to the handlers, like they do in Europe?

No .
What is your most memorable Judging experience?

Judging the GDCA Top 20 Twice.
Do you enjoy any other hobbies?

After years of showing & now judging not much time for any hobbies. However I do love to cook.

We would like to thank Mrs. DeRoulet for taking the time and answering our questions.