Meet The Judge

Marsha Banks


Please tell us how you got started in Danes? Do you have any other breeds?

I actually started in Boxers but always wanted a Great Dane, so as soon as I was on my own I bought a black bitch.

  Handlerme (2)

In my handling days

David (2)

Multiple BIS Ch. Winfall’s Bel Twice V Warwick (David)

What colors do you breed or own? Your kennel name?

I have owned and bred Blacks, Fawns, Brindles and Blues under the kennel name of Mako-Winfall.

Were there any dogs, Past or present that you admired or thought represented what you wanted to breed or own?

I was very taken with Mountdania and Dinro, I thought the combination of those two bloodlines was one of the most successful in producing some very nice dogs.

Buttercup (2)

Ch Castilles Buttercup V. Winfall
(handled by a very young
Eric Ringle)


What was the name of your 1st Champion? Did you owner handle or use professionals?

Ch. Sunridges Butterfly Mc Queen, I started her myself but eventually stared using Sylvia Rodwell as a handler.

sunriselitter (2)1


When did you start judging?
This year.

Have you ever judged any particular dogs (Of the past) that you thought were exceptional? Why?

I have not been judging long enough to really answer this question. Eagle (2)

Ch. Wildwind Eagle Eastis was a dog that Sally and I rescued, he was near death and we brought him back and started showing him so we could find him a home, he finished before we could find someone to take him....and went on to sire a number of champions....


Do you currently exhibit or breed?

Yes, Daschunds, Mini wires.

What advise would you give owner handlers just getting started in the ring?

To be very mindful of your appearance, especially correctly fitting clothes and shoes. You have to look good in order to display confidence and presentation is everything when it comes to showing dogs.

What do you think needs the most improvement in our breed?

Size and temperament. I see very few dogs that actually show themselves off, I find this very disappointing. It is like they have no personality.



Lonnie (2)

Ch. Mako Winfall Daley Double was bred by Jeanette Daley, she was one of many of David's Champions, he was the Great Dane Club of America Stud Dog of the year in 1995, I think he sired a total of 18 or 19 champions out of only 10 breedings. He has a new litter coming this year to Bob and Linda Tonnancour so hopefully he will add more champions to his already impressive record. He is also the sire of a Top Twenty winner. Warwick's Truly Scrumptious.

What are the biggest changes you have seen in Danes over the years? What about mix color breeding? Do you think the blues and blacks are better now since a lot more mix color breeding has occurred?

Being one of the first to start mix color breeding I have to say then are better in some ways, however, I do feel it has gotten a little out of control which I predicted it would back in the day so to speak.


 Do you co own dogs? What do you think about co-owning?

I have always co-owned and have never had a problem since I only co-own with one person, Sally Haas, we have been working together for about 30 years and have bred and exhibited many champions of all four colors.

What are your thoughts on “Showing” a dog while you are judging? Do you think there are conflicts of interest?

I do not think one should campaign a special while judging, I think it is in bad taste.

What about advertising? Do you see a lot of it as a judge? Is it hard not to be influenced by it?

There is no question that you are influenced by it and anyone who says they are not, is not being honest. I stopped reading the publications when I started judging.


Ch. Mr. Rhett Butler of VZTop belonged to Chip and Lorraine Rainwater, I co-owned him and specialed him for a year and a half. like David he was a multiple Best In Show winner.

The question always comes up in breeder circles. Do You want to see the photos of the dogs you put up? OK to send Thank you cards or gifts??

Absolutely, I love getting photos but I know that can be expensive so I understand if I do not get one. Gifts are not acceptable.

Puppydavid (2)

Winfall’s Bel Twice V Warwick
David going WD at the 1989 national from 12-18

Please feel free to add any additional comments.

I cannot stress enough to exhibitors that they should present clean and well groomed dogs to a judge, when you bring a dirty dog that is not well kept into the ring you are being disrespectful to the judge and the sport.

Papillion (2)   
 Ch. Winfall’s Papillion V Mako

Amy (2)

CH Makos Must Be A Winfall
is blue and in my opinion one of the best blue bitches I have ever encountered, she finished with three five point majors owner handled.


Great Dane Review would like to thank Mrs. Banks for sharing with us.