The 2009 Illini Great Dane Specialty

By Judge Mr. Clyde Morris

The thought of this Texas boy going to the Windy City in the middle of the winter made me shudder. The thought of judging a large Great Dane specialty in another part of this great country of ours made me warm up to the task.

I was right, it was cold. Snow was everywhere. The Club took the judges out to a very nice dinner the night before. The conversation was pleasant and I caught up on old times with the other judge as we had been good friends for many years.
 I arrived at the show site Sunday morning to find a wonderful facility. The ring was large and completely matted. Being an indoor facility the temperature was very comfortable and there was plenty of room for everybody. After being warmly introduced, I started off judging this nice entry of gentle giants. The dogs and people were very amiable which made the sifting process easy. Being an old time handler, I sometimes became frustrated with how some of the dogs were presented. Usually it had to do with how the dog was moved. Some people thought that it was a race and moved too fast. Others tended to string the dog up with the lead and caused the dog to move like a hackney pony. Some ran with their heads too low because they were being moved with the lead coming from the top of the head. In every case I was able to gently give each exhibitor a handling suggestion and the problem went away.

There was a wide variety of types present. Each class on the whole had several very nice specimens. 

The Winner’s Dog came from the Open Fawn Class. His name was Avanti-Weaver’s Dozer on the Mountain. His finest attribute was that with proper lay-back of shoulder he excelled in movement in all directions on a loose lead. He was square in appearance, with a level top line. His showmanship was such that he stood with a positive attitude at the end of a loose lead.

The Reserve Winner’s Dog came from a very competitive 6 -9 Mo. Puppy Dog Class. His name was KatCrew N Rjdanes R In Like Flintnt. A very nice puppy. His exuberance almost did him in.

As usual I found the overall quality of the bitches to be better than the dogs. The Winners Bitch class proved to be very competitive

The Winner’s Bitch came from the Open Blue Class. Her name was Gusto’s Francesca V Sharcon. A square bitch of very good type. When she finally was moved correctly she proved to be very sound in all directions.

The Reserve Winner’s Bitch came from the Open Fawn Class. Her name was Hauerdane’s Miss Coffee Latte. She really pushed the Winner’s Bitch for the ribbon.

The Veteran Classes as usual pulled at my heart strings. It is so wonderful to these old grey faced guys and gals do their stuff.

The Best Of Breed Competition as usual is the most fun and challenging. Its like being a kid in a candy shop. Finding the best calls for careful evaluation. In the end my choice was a large Brindle boy with good bone, size and movement. He had a good level top line and when you looked at him you knew that he was a male. We get too many dogs today that are too refined & tend to be bitchy. His name was Ch. Von Scheer’s Show Me The Money V Hildy Danes. My Best Opposite Sex was a very nice fawn bitch by the name of Ch. Nanlyn Making Memories. 

All in all it was a great day. I enjoyed the judging assignment. The exhibitors and show committee were very pleasent. I saw a few old friends. I only regretted that I was not able to sit and chat with them afterwards. It was a long day and everyone was anxious to get on the road home.

Thanks again Illini Great Dane Club for a wonderful day.

Thank you Mr. Morris for sharing your experience with us