Beau & Belle


      Beau was shown 9 times in the classes starting at 10 months old in May 2022.
He was WD, BOW 8 out of 9 times and three of those 8 times he was Best of Breed
and once he received a Group 1. Later that year he was awarded
Best Junior Dog in Futurity at the 2022 Great Dane Club of American National.
For all of these wins Beau was breeder-owner handled by Karen Burkhart.

Look for Beau this year with his favorite
Handler, Brianne Rock. When Brianne goes on maternity leave,
Beau will again be breeder-owner handled by Karen.

We would like to thank the following judges for recognizing Beau so far this year:

Sandy Weaver – Best of Breed, Stewart Dankner – Best of Breed, Pam Lambie – Select Dog (Specialty), Jim Remaklus – Best Opposite Sex (Specialty), Vicki Allenbrand – Best of Breed, Harry (Butch) Schulman – Best of Breed

Belle finished her champtionship at 10 months of age with a Best of Breed from the classes at 7 months. She spent the last year at home growing up. Belle is always handled by her favorite person, Kristina Rock.

We would like to thank the following judges for recognizing Belle so far this year:

Marie Ann Falconer – Best of Breed, Richard W. Powell – Best of Breed, James M. Brown – Best of Breed & Ms. Tempest Deptuch for a Group 3. 

BEAU & BELLE ARE OWNED BY: Pam Koerper, Karen Burkhart and Lorraine Brown

Breeders: Pam Koerper, Karen Burkhart, Leslie & Gary Kettring 
Littermates Beau & Belle are Handled by Sisters: Brianne & Kristina Rock